Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Birthday Lunch with Juju...

Birthday do what ya? Eat lar... what else... so I started off with lunch with my bestie. Another English word that's hard to use. Best reserves for one person only... Never mind about that first... eat eat eat eat eat eat... my first time dining in a Korean Restaurant... Daorae... nice nice... awesome place... Barbecue also I don't have to move my hands to do it... well served. Well done... and we had pork and lamb. Bibimbap... finally I know what that is..The side dishes come flowing whenever we finished them. I like the macaroni. I also like the steamed egg. Don't like kimchi. Still don't like vegetables. We have a good laugh but not as crazy when we're in enclosed area. This is too public to laugh our hearts out... it might scare other patrons away. Furthermore, we ought to keep our image as sane as possible.Photos and more photos. The rest of the crazy photos are already uploaded into my Facebook album. Lovely... we're two Judiths with lots of laughter. Thank you for making my birthday a memorable one. Later tonite will be with another Judith... how come all 3 of us never have the chance to take photos together ya?

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