Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Salute to Billy...

This is Billy... my host, my chauffeur, my tour guide and my new found friend. I have to salute to him because I always thought that me being online and especially on Facebook for 7 hours a day is long enough but he is online 24 hours a day. He's on Fb when he's driving and waiting for the traffic light to turn green. He's online when he's eating and waiting for the food to digest in his stomach. He's online whenever he finds a place to rest his butt and starts exercising his fingers on his iPhone.

So is iPhone a bad medicine for everyone? Well... you'll have to answer that yourself. I have no comments. This Billy Boy, uploads every picture before I can even take a good look at the thing. He uploads the food that he eats and before I can even slurp a noodle into my mouth he has already received numerous comments on the bowl of noodles and busy replying the comments. Before any of my photos are uploaded into the computer and then to Facebook, his photos are already up and considered as old photos.

He has healthy fingers as they are always doing those keypad exercises. I wonder which whether his legs get more exercise or his fingers? Answer should be his fingers. I lose in every way... no way I can go online that way... and I'm pretty sure I will not want an iPhone or else I'll be just like him.

If you look at his photo, it's a clear view that he is a healthy Facebook-er. A person who smiles while staring at the phone. I laugh while reading my sms so he's doing fine. The wackiest person will be the one talking to him or herself while replying a comment or message to other people.

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Anonymous said...

Salute to Billy.. Cheerio!!