Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Artrageously Ramsay Ong Gallery...

I definitely don't look like the type who takes a slow walk and look around in a gallery. But that's the first place we went to. I have an ulterior motive going there. I was seriously in need to go to the loo. No, I'm not saying that you should just go there to get yourself to the toilet. It is outrageously an awesome place. Something not as what you think a gallery is. I'm not one who knows how to appreciate a painting whether printed or hand-painted. That's me with Ramsay Ong, the well-known artist. Go and take a look for yourself. Can either check it out through his website or if you happen to be in Kuching or you're from Kuching but have not heard about him, get your butt off the computer chair and take a walk around his humble gallery at 94, Main Bazaar... not I'm not telling you that there's a toilet that you can go to if you need it while walking around the city. You'll be greeted by bowls and many more bowls. Are they porcelain bowls? I'm not sure. They're very Chinese like. I won't dare to drink from the bowl coz' I'm afraid I might drop it and break into pieces. Actually, you'll be greeted by the red cat first. Just to be sure you're in Kuching... the cat is always in sight. They're so cute I wished I've bought some home... like the red colour... not the cat. *sigh* Hey, batik cat~! What are you smiling at? That's one cute belly button... suddenly I feel like having that cat on my bed. Can anyone be kind enough to get it for me since I'm already back home now... stuck with my work.. and everything else. What I adore most is the batik donkey. I already have Shrek the Donkey in my cupboard but having a blue and white batik donkey on my bed would be lovely. Put that aside, let's continue with the tour of Ramsay Ong's Artrageous Gallery. These are beautiful... but I reckon I'm one lousy person in introducing stuff that I have no knowledge about. I don't know what's the use of those.... I can't even find the word to describe those artwork... clay? Just decorate your garden with that... it will be very beautiful. Oh, that piece of handicraft... that's the finest work of art I've ever seen. Handwoven... the thread count is so fine that I don't mind paying for it but I don't know when to use it. It will be a perfect scarf worn with the traditional Nyonya kebaya... if not just wear it along with the modern Malay kebaya. Last but not least, art on bark wood. Can you see the one leaning against the drawers? The one with a line of butts... I like that very much. That's the only framed artwork that attracted my attention. Feel free to make your presence felt in the outrageously Artrageous Gallery of Ramsay Ong.

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