Monday, January 31, 2011

Hiking... A Real Torture...

The jog was suppose to be done in the morning. But as usual, I can't wake up and it's already a holiday for me for this whole week, so why bother to wake up early? My bunny took me for a movie date today so that I can use up my birthday voucher by GSC. We watched Faster. It's not such a nice movie because the movie actually taught you that to seek revenge is okay when it isn't at all. I just watched it for the action part, nothing to learn from this movie. Don't take every movie seriously okay... that's not how one should watch and analyse a movie. The jog was rescheduled to the evening. You gotta be kiddin' rite? Look at the statement of the shirt. The second line is correct. She is indeed a doctor. But the first line... errr... Okay la... you can be trusted but we often laugh too much so I'm not really sure. I just know that I burst out laughing reading the printed lines on your shirt front and back. We did something different. We took the steps up for a little hike. Little my foot... it was horrible. If it's just jungle trail, I'll gladly do it but these are steps. I hate steps. If just a few flight of steps should be okay but what are those? Never ending steps? And everybody told white lies... about to reach... half way thru... about to reach... one more flight of steps... very near... hohoho... I'm not so gonna believe that next time. I'm 100% sure I just strike out hiking as one of the activities to carry out. Hiking up to Mount Kinabalu is a big no no. The joy of reaching the top is something different. Temporary sensation of having achieve something extraordinary. Sheer happiness for a few minutes and then the torture of having to get to the bottom before the sky is dark. It is weird how a person will go through a torturing process to achieve something and feel on top of the world after all the hardwork. I'm describing how a person who hates hiking feel like. See... I am happy when I'm on top. I can even do my iJump style but I'm pretty sure that's my first and my last time hiking up there. It's just too ridiculous when I can't even climb up the flight of steps in my apartment block. By the time I reach the second floor, I'm already panting like a dog and I'll get out of the exit door and start punching on the elevator button.
I'll crawl myself to the gym tomorrow. I can do it~! Nothing is impossible~!

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