Monday, January 31, 2011

Orang Utan Watch...

As I've mentioned earlier, on the second day of Kuching I only went to one place. And that place was Semenggoh Wildlife Centre. It's an open jungle without any netting or cages to separate men from animals. That's how I like it. Just love nature walk. Well... the main attraction in this place is getting a good look at the orang utans from near during their feeding time. We've missed the morning feeding time so there's only one last left that's the 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. feeding time. We reached there around 3:30 p.m. and I thought that I might not be able to see any orang utans. God is so good... the orang utans were all out playing around the feeding platform. While walking towards the entrance, I saw one snugged comfortably on a branch having a good time peeling off the banana skin. I missed another one while walking towards the feeding platform but Juju saw it. Thus, in total we saw 4 orang utans. There were 2 hanging around doing stunts to entertain those left at the watching platform. There weren't many people left. I think most of them reached at exactly 3 p.m. and saw what they wanted. I waited for awhile with my camera clicking away. It was worth the wait as I caught one of the orang utans grabbing a comb of bananas. It was awesome. I love nature and wildlife. Love animals to bits. I'm gonna share with all you some great snapshots. I'm not a professional photographer, but love taking photos.
I get more than what I bargained for. Not only the orang utans were out looking for food. That's my first time looking at such cute squirrel. There were a few more brown squirrels dashing about from tree to tree and landed on the feeding platform to have an appetizing meal of the day. We were the last to leave the place. By the way, you'll have to pay an entrance fee for RM3 if I'm not mistaken. Totally worth it better than going to the zoo.

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