Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Feel So Trap...

The boredom is killing me by the minute. I feel so trap in my own body. It's incomprehensible how the feeling is like. It feels like the picture depicting a man in a cage. That's how I feel... I feel like kicking myself out of my own body.

I've this sudden thought that came into my mind while cooking. I think I can use my brain cells to the max by studying. Checking out Wawasan Open University now...

  • School of Business and Administration
  • School of Science and Technology
  • School of Foundation and Liberal Studies
  • School of Education, Language and Communication
  • Centre for Graduate Studies
  • Centre for Professional Development and Continuing Education (PACE)

Which one should I take? Business? Education? I loathe science... but it'll take 5 years to complete. 5 years is a very very long time... I can start pretty good but halfway thru I'll puncture and become a flat tyre. It's amazing that I managed to finish 2 years of kindergarten, 6 years of primary school and another 5 years of secondary school... but another 5 freaking years... I don't think I can do it. By now I know my own trademark, start something... never see the ending.

Let's see... I don't want to be tied down with assignments. I have outings during holidays and I still want to tour around the globe. I like exams because I like to see my results, that'll make me soar high up in the air... but *sigh* 5 years.... 5 years... isn't there a shortcut... I study faster and finish faster... I think I better shelf the idea...

I wish there's someone who can understand how I... feel being trapped in my own body...

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