Sunday, January 02, 2011

Grocery Shopping Done...~!

I've not been doing any grocery shopping for nearly two months. Today is the first time of year 2011 that I'm pulling myself to Tesco. I dreaded doing any grocery shopping as there's no more plastic bags available in all hypermarkets unless I pay for it. So, I have to lug a few eco-bags to put my stuff. And the smelly part was I have a whole trolley of fish. All sorts of expensive fish which Tesco decided to get rid of at an amazingly low price. Just like AirAsia giving promotion but this one was even better. A fish that cost RM16 per kilo became RM2 only... that's freakingly expensive and I happened to walk towards the fishy area and stumbled upon the employees putting out trays after trays of fish. Within minutes, all the big fish were grabbed and most went into my trolley. Looking at hams... I missed eating them... so I bought 200g... a few miserable thin slices of ham to be squashed in between two pieces of bread. I'm currently using last ounce of precious time doing everything that I will not have the chance to do once I wake up tomorrow morning. I've ticked off a few items in my imaginary list. I've prepared the week-long's work so I can relax more during the weekdays. I have to hit the gym first thing in the morning, 10 minutes after I open my eyes... argh~! Now, I'm going to watch a movie before I call it a day... I WANT MY HOLIDAYS never to end... My NEW YEAR RESOLUTION: DON'T WANNA WORK~!!!

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