Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Donkey On Air Tomorrow...

Tomorrow is my birthday. So, I declare my own holiday. Actually two people planted evil seeds into my mind and I did it not because I wanted to... hhmmm... come to think of it, that's what I really wanted. How ironic I sounded... Anyway, this is not the main issue... As you all know, I have a very smart donkey. Those who want to hear my donkey's voice can hear them tomorrow. If you're from Malaysia, tune in to BFM radio 89.9... My Donk Donk will be on air at 3 p.m. Donk will touch on the topic of "Saying No to Your Child". Since my Donk posted on his Facebook wall twice already to promote himself, might as well I, its mistress, help it do so.

"My mind is not for sale anymore because i have lost it."
Have you flip your marbles, my lovely Donk? Thank God it's just your mind not your soul. I actually thought that you sold your soul to the devil. And Donk for your tomorrow's radiotalk, please don't make any grammatical error like the written one...
"Technology do not bring people together, People do."
Should be "Technolody does not bring people together, but people do". But that phrase is out of the context. Donk, remember not to talk nonsense like that phrase. Don't humiliate yourself on air. Technology connects people that's why most of your waking hours, you're online. And of course you need people to man the technical equipments, you can't expect the computer to work itself like humans. Keep up the good work, Donk. All the best~

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