Friday, January 28, 2011

My Joyous Birthday...

I love this kinda view. The sea, the sand, the hill from afar, the fisherman's boats all tied to the nearby trees and to feel the breezy wind. I just love it... love it to the max~! I chose my usual dining place for seafood for my birthday dinner. I have not been there for quite some time. Yesterday, all of us in three cars went through the horrible after-work jam to get to the place. I was the last to reach thus, I felt like a queen seeing everyone waiting for me. Eat later, photos first... I can't go anywhere without my camera. Moreover, I'm such a shy person that this is the first time there were 13 of us for dinner. Usually, I'll disappear or never appear in such a big group. My kids were there and then the number increases. Judith and whole family were there, too. Food... I wasn't sure whether my Korean lunch has fully been digested. Looking at the amount of food, I know all of us can finish them up in no time. I have one major problem in hand. After the Sarawak trip, I don't know how much I've put on but I just know that I can't wear most of my clothes. The two wardrobes of clothes can't be worn at all... they just wouldn't accommodate to my horizontal increment. And this is not the last time I'm gonna eat so much... next week is Chinese New Year and I'm gonna eat for another whole week. That's my birthday noodles. While staring at the noodles, I have some weird idea forming in my head. Crash diet. On diet. Vege diet? How can I live with vege alone? I'll die of starvation. Now... now... it's my birthday dinner and I shall enjoy myself to the fullest. Whatever happens to the waist, damage has been done. Oh, the swing. I have a thing for swing. Please do not stand on swings, it's dangerous to do so. I, on the other hand, like all these stuff. I break all rules that exist and I also break all traditions that have been set by the ancestors. And I'm happy with what I do and how I do it. Dinner ended but the celebration continues... it continues in Judz's house... first surprise party. Judz you're so cool~! How don't know how much I enjoy myself and I was on top of the world... actually I still am.. there's this aftereffect... and I'm still on holiday mood. That mask... that mask made me screamed my head off. Scaring me... that's a good one. That's one of the reasons why I do not watch horror movies in the cinema. I might scream the whole place down. I love the way you planned things. You've made my birthday a complete one. I have everything that I ever wanted. The orange cake... I've always imagined having an orange cake for my birthday instead of chocolate cakes. Bored of chocolate cakes already. Thank you Auntie Suzy for such delicious orange cheese jelly cake. Love it the most. In conclusion, I have everything I ever wanted on my birthday. I have hundreds of wishes from friends from around the world. I received what I wanted from my special friend. Love the pressies very much. I thank God for all the Judiths in my lives. I love my bunny. Mama is there as well. Love the company. I'm speechless yet I'm still typing. I'm too happy too describe anything using the correct vocabulary. There's actually no words to describe when you're too happy. The word happy and excited don't suit the occasion.

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