Friday, January 28, 2011

Second Purr From MeowLand...

My second day in Kuching was quite nice. I woke up and watched another movie. I wanted to get out of the house yet another part wanted to laze around in the daybed. While watching movie, there was a background yelping of a puppy. We didn't know where the yelps came from. When Billy got back from his dental appointment, he couldn't stand the yelping anymore. He went searching for the puppy around the perimeter of the fenced area. Billy managed to rescue the poor puppy from all the barbed wires. Such a poor little pup... ...whoever threw that pup near the river ought to be shot dead. Its right eye was a little bit swollen and there were bruises all over its body. If I know who did that to a pup, I would wring that person's neck with my bare hands. I seriously can't remember where we went for lunch on the second day. I've been wrecking my brain but nothing came out of it. I can't even remember where we went for lunch but I remembered what we did after lunch. Yay~! I got to see orang utans from near. That's at Semenggoh Wildlife Centre. I got the opportunity to snap the photos of an orang utan that grabbed for a comb of bananas at the feeding platform. Juju said the first time they went, they didn't get any chance to see any orang utan. God is good... everything has been planned by Him and Him alone. The weather one the second day was fantastic. To cool ourselves, we went for ice-cream. That's Sunny Hill ice-cream. They changed the flavours every day so I didn't get to have my usual chocolate ice-cream. That's vanilla and corn ice-cream. It's really creamy. Still like it... delicious... ...then I got to swim at the large swimming pool. I'm so smart by now, whenever I travel, I'll pack my swimsuit and goggles with me. That nite itself, we shifted house to Josephine's mansion. We had a belly a laughter and then we did some serious pillow talk where we made a common confession. At that point of time, I only knew Josephine for less than 24 hours. It was indeed a wonderful day and I was also suffering from jet lag. Usually I suffer from jet lag on the second day so I was very sleepy throughout the journey sitting in the car.

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