Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sarawak's Layer Cakes...

Sarawak boasts of the best layer cakes. I cannot agree more with that. It's my first time seeing so many types of layer cakes with different patterns, attractive colours and tastes that activate all my sweet, sour and salty buds. I've only seen the usual that is sold in Penang... the normal butter colour and brown layer cakes. That took hours to bake and I wonder how much time and effore has been put to give it such wonderful patterns. They're so good. We're allowed to try as much as we want. They are sold at the riverbank and the riverfront. On our last day, Jackson took us to the riverfront stalls. We tried all yet we were so undecided and we forgot which one we actually wanted. The one in waterbank is more expensive as it's RM15 for one while the one at riverfront is only RM10 for margarine and RM18 for butter. Love the one with Cadbury chocolate which costs me RM22 but it's worth it as I know I'll never be able to make those myself. Another thing that Kuching is well-known for is the number of roundabouts. There are so many roundabouts that according to my new friends, the municipal council has demolished quite a lot. I still remember to drive to riverbank instead of taking the 'sampan'. We passed by so many roundabouts that I lost count of them. The roundabouts are so huge I think the developers in Penang can smartly build at least 2 blocks of apartments in it complete with all the facilities.

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