Sunday, January 02, 2011

I'm Gonna Miss This So Much~!

It's New Year's Day. More like I'm losing my total freedom. I'm tied down with work and work and work. Help me~! Anybody out there please rescue me~!! To most of us in the pool, the kids especially... no more freedom... wings have been clipped... no staying out late until the wee hours of the morning... no more playing around... same goes with me... *wailing uncontrollably* That's our New Year's party... party in the pool... nah, just kidding. The pool has always been our main attraction. All of us just love to swim and play like there's no end to the day. We were shooting each other, chasing after one another and trying to grab whole of the one and only big float brought by Mandy. Everyone went insane with that float. The kids especially have been praying hard for good weather and God did answer all of our prayers. It was drizzling earlier but when we reached, the weather was fine. By the time we went up the pool, it started raining again. By that time, we were craving for food... and food was what's waiting for us. We have so much to eat that nothing was eaten clean... food overload... we don't have enough stomach space to store all the food so doggie bags for everyone... Ladies... gentlemen too lazy to huddle together to take a photo. This time round, I had the fewest photos. I only have 20 pics because that's how much the internal memory of my digital camera can store. I actually forgot to insert my memory card back into the slot. The memory card was stuck to my card reader. I was so devastated but eventually, I had a great time spending time with everyone instead of snapping away crazily. Next... games... I brought my Tumblin' Monkey along and I guess the adults screamed worse than a real life monkey shrieking. That's one horrible shriek... Twister was a hit among the kids because the old people can no longer twist their bodies. We do not want to have any mishaps of bones cracking or having a hairline crack somewhere. We left Uncle Lee's place and went over to Judz's crib again to continue playing. No one continued any game instead we started with the game of monopoly. It was one long and slow game until a few of them went bankrupt after stepping into the hotel built haphazardly on the floor.
My New Year ended so soon... can I rewind?

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