Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm Home...

I'm home. Thank you for visiting my blog even when I'm away. I've had a wonderful 5 days away from home, 5 days disconnecting myself from the virtual world, 5 days of God showing me that He's in control, 5 days of learning about friendship and 5 days of learning that you can't plan anything ahead without having disappointments. I should have learn from my previous travel experiences that no plan is the best plan.

I wanted to write a summary on this Kuching trip, but I think I will elaborate on this trip. God is in every minute of this trip. I can't just summarize His wonderful works into one short post, it wouldn't be fair to God.

For this week, I'll try to finish up every article regarding this trip. One of the other reasons that I wanted to elaborate on this trip was because before I left, I googled for places of interest to visit in Sarawak, but I find all websites regarding Sarawak were so boring that after reading it, I don't feel like going anymore. It shouldn't be so when introducing a place of interest.

"This is the best trip ever~!"... I've probably mentioned that whenever I come back from a trip. It's because it IS the best trip... when God is in it, who can say that it's boring or not worth it or mundane?

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